A couple of #throwbackthursday  tracks from Montreal, Canada, hence the français, via
indie pop band


who bring a sense of electro disco to their creative expression, particularly evident in the
second track // Vacances de 87 // featuring French Horn Rebellion, but first, the single
// Femme // off their album // Voyage Love // released April 30, 2013. An excellent video
dips into the fashion scene of the sixties, with glimpses of British model, Twiggy, setting
the tone for an eclectic mix of newer meets older. Do we need to understand the lyrics?
It's either about falling in love, falling out of love, or the inbetween places. Okay, here:

My delicate fingers
Graze your skin ebony
I hear you
I do not understand the
The curtain closes
And your lights go out
But at night I dream of you
Without me

You left there

I loved this look
Who gave us this hook
Whenever boredom
Which we did not care funk
One last time
The sun sparkles
But the night dreaming of you

Without me

You left there

I tasted the sea
True feelings
I could do nothing
My eyes and ocean
One last time
Under a sparkling sky
But at night I dream more
Of you

I went there.

Told you...

• nJoy •

:: LE COULEUR :: Femme ::

:: LE COULEUR :: Vacances de 87 (ft. French Horn Rebel) [Official MV] ::

[Gif: Twiggy/Source: sketch an etch]


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