A couple of tracks from American indie rock band


as they release the title track from their long overdue album // Dear Tommy //.
First announced in 2014, it was due out in time for Valentine's Day last year.
The no show could be forgiven, if the MV is anything to go by. Bloody, but
reminding you more of the red toffee covering a candy apple, the vocals tease
you along the path to I want more, which is an excellent marketing ploy that
keeps us waiting. With a track list released alongside it, there is hope.

Dear Tommy Playlist

01. Fresh Blood
02. In Films
03. Time Rider
04. I Can Never Be Myself When You’re Around
05. Cherry
06. She Says
07. Just Like You
08. 4 A.M.
09. Teacher
10. Camera
11. Dear Tommy
12. Touch Blue
13. After Hours
14. Shadow
15. In Silence
16. Colorblind
17. Endless Sleep

Fans will note that it contains singles from the past, such as // Cherry // which
featured on their 2013 album // After Dark 2 // and // I Can Never Be Myself
When You're Around //. Hoping for a remastered analogue, I'll include the
former version of 'Cherry' in the playlist.

• nJoy •

:: CHROMATICS :: Dear Tommy ::

:: CHROMATICS :: Cherry ::

[Gif: Chromatics 'Dear Tommy' clip]


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