A couple of tracks from 3 music producers from Nashville, Tennessee, collectively


starting out with the track // esc // from last years EP // Greater Than //. There is a sense
that you have heard the voice before as there are distinct echoes of the flat-lined vocals
of HONNE, but that sense of familiarity plays well to an audience looking to expand the
catalogue of lo-fi electronic experimental without any surprises. Their MV's present like
an introspective art form that turns down the noise on comparative productions by the
likes of fellow musical director Woodkid's creative extravaganzas, as we see a similar
theme play out in the latest song // In Stone //, which happens to be the title track of
their upcoming album, due out October 21, available to pre-order here. Check out the
sneak peek in the Xtra below.

• nJoy •

:: BASECAMP :: esc [Official MV] ::

:: BASECAMP :: In Stone [Official MV] ::


:: BASECAMP :: In Stone [EP Preview] ::

[Gif: Clip from BASECAMP's "In Stone" MV]


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