A couple of #throwback thursday  tracks featuring soul Diva


starting out with the 1967 single // Respect // off the album // I Never Loved
a Man the Way I Love You //. You know it, Baby, but still waters run deep in
// Bridge Over Troubled Water // that appeared on her 1971 album // Aretha
Live at Fillmore West // that earned her a Grammy Award for the Best Female
R&B Vocal Performance. It's easy to get stuck in the success of her early years,
but after several projects failed to bring her the success due, she stepped things
up a bit, in a popped out dance album // Who's Zoomin' Who // released in 1985
that hung on the coat tails of disco in a single // Freeway of Love // that helped
take it to Platinum and beyond. Lastly, I include a performance that featured on
the David Letterman show in 2014 where Franklin sings a cover of Adele's
// Rolling In The Deep // off her 2014 album // Aretha Franklin Sings the Great
Diva Classics //. Quite something as a backhand compliment to one of the UK's
modern singing stars as she showcases a still stunning voice in a live performance
that includes samples from her 1977 hit // Ain't No Mountain High Enough //.

 • nJoy •

:: ARETHA FRANKLIN :: Respect ::

:: ARETHA FRANKLIN :: Bridge Over Troubled Water ::

:: ARETHA FRANKLIN :: Freeway Of Love ::

:: ARETHA FRANKLIN :: Rolling in the Deep/Ain't No Mountain ::

[Digiart: aretha franklin II by IANA]


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