Ahead of the August 26 release date for their collaborative album // Take It, It's Yours //
La Sera band member and musician // Katy Goodman // teams up with American singing
songwriter and musician // Greta Morgan // former band member of indie rock band Gold
Motel, now sole member of music project Springtime Carnivore, to offer up their modern
versions of various post punk and new wave songs from bands such as The Buzzcocks,
Blondie, The Jam, and Billy Idol, along with some lesser known groups such as Wipers,
and Bad Brains, publishing under their own names


I can't help but think that they missed a golden opportunity to give wings to a separate
collusion that would have helped to market their project under a recognizable banner, such
as "Katy Meets Greta", but I admit that the long words are too much of a type-ful. Their
style takes both genres to the middle line of indie shoe-gazing rock, a direction that many
won't really mind, but the result is as enjoyable as adding flat lemonade to an ice cream
float. The flavor's there, but it lacks a certain level of sensation that could have seen a
growing crowd of fans thirsty for their next project. Still worth a listen, if only to hear
worthwhile songs reworked in an albeit original way. Check out the [Xtra] below for a
pre-release album stream, available to pre-order here.

• nJoy •

:: KATY GOODMAN & GRETA MORGAN :: Sex Beat [Gun Club Cover] ::

:: KATY GOODMAN & GRETA MORGAN :: Ever Fallen in Love [The Buzzcocks Cover] ::

:: KATY GOODMAN & GRETA MORGAN :: Bastards of Young [The Replacements Cover] ::


:: KATY GOODMAN & GRETA MORGAN :: Take It, It's Yours [Pre-release Album Stream] ::


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