Welcome back! Yeah. It's been a while. We missed you. Thanks...yada yada yada.
So how to bring some eclectic art video magic to the dullness of life but dipping
into the Chinese hip hop scene by checking out the latest project from Chengdu
based rapper

:: KAFE•HU ::

and his visually nourishing new MV for the single // 21st Century Schizophrenic //. It
mixes several influences that turn up the rap spectrum in a beautifully choreographed
video, elevating the genre into something that will appeal to a more discerning audience.
All this to highlight the release of his new album // 27: THE CODE OF LUCIFER //
released July 26, 2016, alongside a national tour. The next track takes us deeper into
the consulting room of the mental patient and the back beat heart that keeps its strong
pace up through the excursion. The style is different and I like how the album presents
like a musical play. Personally, I find his style refreshing, with little requirement to
understand the language. Music extends beyond the formality to be appreciated on a set
of differing levels, understood through the soulful jazz connection in the final offering
// Neon Wilderness //. All tracks are off the new album, available for preview here.

• nJoy •

:: KAFE•HU 中国成都说唱/饶舌 :: 21st Century Schizophrenic 二十一世纪精神病 ::

:: KAFE•HU 中国成都说唱/饶舌 :: Depth Insomnia Patients 深度失眠患者 [feat. Doctor Bird 鸟医生] ::

:: KAFE•HU :: Neon Wilderness 霓虹荒野 ::

[Photograph: KAFE•HU Promo Image]


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