Looking for something a little different to spice up your music collection?
Not for the masklophobics out there, but this upcoming release from American
electronic musician, Thomas Fec, better known as the frontman for psychedelic
rock band // Black Moth Super Rainbow // and producing under the stage name


has released this MV for the track // Human Om // that can be found on his 4th
solo album // Sweatbox Dynasty // due out August 19. What can I say about this
but it is like rubber sock puppets on acid floating in the dairy section of your local
supermarket. Ikr? Loco yet necessary as I inject another track off the album
// Gods In Heat //. Really, do you need MV's at all as he makes us paranoid but
in a good way. Available to pre-order here.

• nJoy •

:: TOBACCO :: Human Om [Official MV] ::

:: TOBACCO :: Gods In Heat ::

[Image: Cover art for TOBACCO's 2010 album "Maniac Meat"]


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