A couple of recently released tracks from France's very own Lady Gaga


starting out with the single // The Flute // which is an excellent introduction
to her madcap style that makes you wonder, "If this is sane, how I am doing?"
Make-up by Mongolia, dresses by Antwerp's Royal Academy of Fine Arts, this
is a sight for the chair bound lost and lonely secret travelers. The visuals are
stunning and the co-mingling with the generous-of-spirit locals adds flavor to
the MV, leaving one wishing for the formerly embarrassing state of rosacea
that is now lifted in prominence as an admirable feature, before moving into the
more reflective [did I just say that?] song // Milk Bath //. The song is poppy.
Her voice sounds like Yo-Landi Visser after she's sucked on a helium balloon.
I think older men with a fetish for the innocent might find her a challenge, but
that's neither here nor there. I sense she is really 80 years old, for some reason.
We all need 'different' to encourage us away from complacency. If you agree,
she's your gal.

• nJoy •

:: PETITE MELLER :: The Flute ::

:: PETITE MELLER :: Milk Bath ::

[Digiart: petite meller by IANA]


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