A couple of MV's featuring singles from English trip hop band


made up of // Robert Del Naja, Grand Marshall, Andrew Vowles, and Stephanie Dosen //
starting out with a collaboration for the single // The Spoils // with American singing
songwriter // Hope Sandoval // lead singer for alt rock band // Mazzy Star // and her indie
alternative dream pop group // Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions // in an MV that
features actress // Cate Blanchett //. There is a sense of a skeletal reconstruction, of
science, of the quest to be understood beyond the mask we wear. Who are we? Who is
she? As we go through a process of discovery and deconstruction as the sense of a
lover being replaced by an invisible unknown 'other' comes through. Paired with this
single is also another, working like an old 45 rpm with an A side and a B side, as we
listen to it's companion track // Come Near Me // featuring the vocals of British singer
and musician, Obaro Ejimiwe, a.k.a. // Ghostpoet //. The track is hauntingly melodic,
with a story that encourages you to find what you love then let it kill you. Both tracks
will not disappoint fans old and new, available to purchase here.


:: MASSIVE ATTACK :: The Spoils [ft. Hope Sandoval] ::

:: MASSIVE ATTACK :: Come Near Me [ft. Ghostpoet] ::

[Art: hope sandoval by IANA]


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