A couple of tracks from American indie rock group


taken from their new album // The Sides And In Between // due out August 26.
I hear a strong Beatles influence in the alt pop track // Rotten // which really is
too cute to drag down with such a name. Perhaps they found the inspiration in
confusing baby names for rock stars before we turn over a page to the indie rock
track // Get Closer // reminding me a little of Oasis in the early days when they
were still talking to each other. I heard a Liverpudlian accent, which is impressive
when considering these guys are from the Deep South. So, how about it? Do you
fancy a bit? If yes...here's the link.

• nJoy •

:: GRINGO STAR :: Rotten [Official MV] ::

:: GRINGO STAR :: Get Closer [Official MV] ::

[Cover Art for Gringo Star's 2011 Album: Count Yer Lucky Stars]


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