A couple of recent releases from the entertainingly creative team of South African
rapping ravers


comprising of // Yo-Landi Visser // & // Watkin Tudor Jones // as an introduction to
their soon-to-be released album // Mount Ninji And Da Nice Time Kid // with a due
date of September 16, beginning with // We Have Candy // just in time for Halloween.
Btw, I take my koffee bitter, like my men. Not for those who can't see beyond the swear
words, but Visser's high pitched, soft vocals work so well in this track, which is a thinly
disguised ode to the lost & lonely, plus those addicted to self harm & cute little lollipops
dipped in psycho. Need a change of clothing? We find the tempo turned up in the electro
dance colored single // Banana Brain //. If this is what it's like to exist in their heads,
there's never a dull moment.

• nJoy •

:: DIE ANTWOORD :: We Have Candy [Official Audio] ::

:: DIE ANTWOORD :: Banana Brain [Official MV] ::


:: DIE ANTWOORD :: Live Show - Lollapalooza Chile [2016] ::

[Image: Promo for Die Antwoord's 2016 Album "Mount Ninji and Da Nice Time Kid"]


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