Appreciating the creative team that makes up English indie folk rock band


fronted by singer // Elena Tonra // along with drummer // Remi Aguilella // from France,
and Swiss-born guitarist // Igor Haefeli // as we sample the track // No Care // off their
latest album // Not to Disappear // released earlier this year. I think the inclusion of the
word 'folk' might disuade potential listeners from pressing PLAY on a sound that is a mix
of gritty confidence combined with slightly gauche that leans more towards rock, imho.
The lyrics are unpretentious and interesting, leading to an abstract inclusion of some of
your own memories as you appreciate an enjoyable musical composition. Led by another
hand, we take a walk around an English seaside town. Is it Winter? Silly me. Isn't it always
there? I'm guessing filmed in Margate in the video for the next track // How // off the album.
It is what indie music sounds like in my head. I am there with the vibe of teenage bands
done right. There's something missing. Perhaps some years, but things seem to be looking
up as the video draws to a close. Obviously, nothing is obvious. I kind of like that.

• nJoy •

:: DAUGHTER :: No Care ::

:: DAUGHTER :: How ::

[Art: elena tonra by IANA]


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