A couple of tracks from American indie folk band

:: BON IVER ::

off their new album // 22, A Million // due out September 30 on the indie rock
// Jagjaguwar // label. (I just like sayin' that). Founded by singing songwriter
// Justin Vernon // back in 2007, the band has grown to include 9 other members,
achieving multiple awards for singles and albums, with the MV for the 2012 track
// Halocene // being nominated for Best Rock Video in the MTV music awards. As
a taste of what their new project will be like, I begin with the night after the really
bad day before single // OVER S∞∞N //. I'm wincing at the premise but it is life so
let him draw an ear on you and speak into the silence. It will be over soon & we get
to sample the poppy synth vibe of the track // 10 d E A T h b R E a s T //. If you like
what you hear and you want to find out more, tour dates and merchandise, plus a
cool artsy animation, can be found clicking this link.

You know the drill...

• nJoy •

:: BON IVER :: OVER S∞∞N [Bob Moose Extended Cab Version] ::

:: BON IVER :: 10 d E A T h b R E a s T [Extended Official Lyric MV] ::

[Art: justin vernon by IANA]


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