Who? Ikr? For those who haven't heard of them,


are a German electro synthpop group in the style of an 80's band such as
Depeche Mode, Japan, and Soft Cell. They haven't done anything for 10
years, so it was a surprise to see that they have just released a new single
// Time after Midnight // featuring British singer // James Knights // who
was one of the founder members and vocalist of the band Scarlet Soho. The
band members are down to 2, namely // Hayo Lewerentz & Alberto Hauss //
but 3 is their lucky number, so the collaboration works like a charm. Boy-
tronic's last album // Dependence // was released in 2006. So what to add
to this feature but to take a look at Scarlet Soho's single // Two Steps
From Heartache // off the 2015 album // In Cold Blood //.


:: BOYTRONIC :: Time after Midnight [ft. James Knights] ::

:: SCARLET SOHO :: Two Steps From Heartache ::


:: SCARLET SOHO :: Solo KO ::


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