Taking a look at 3 recent releases on the Korean Rock scene, starting out with the four
piece male band

:: ASTRONUTS 아스트로너츠 ::

formed in 2010, and the title track off their latest album // Syncope //. It's catchy with
a pleasant video that sets the tone for a worthwhile album. They play well live, but next,
something a little more indie from

:: DRUG RESTAURANT 드럭 레스토랑 ::

with their Woodkid-sounding vocals on the track // Mistake //. Fans won't be fooled by
the name change. They used to be the // JJY BAND //, perhaps hoping that the new 'face'
will aid the transition towards a more electro garage sound as opposed to last year's
heavy rock feel, that will see them embraced by a more middle-of-the-mainstream
audience. Their official MV will help cement the change. Returning back to a more
even keel with the final offering from Korean four-piece concept hybrid pop rock band

:: G•STREET 지스트리트 ::

and the mesmeric single // I Fix You // from their mini-album // G.street //, who are
marketed as 'trendy' for those who are tired of listening to computerized music. Anyone
looking for a savior will perk up at the title's premise, but the song has a catchy element that
is strong enough to make you want to listen to it again. That's got to be a good thing, right?
I'm his paradise. Baby, tell me more!


:: ASTRONUTS 아스트로너츠 :: Syncope [Official MV] ::

:: DRUG RESTAURANT 드럭 레스토랑 :: Mistake [Official MV] ::

:: G•STREET 지스트리트 :: I Fix You [Official MV] ::

[Gif source: Astronuts MV Syncope]


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