Taking a look at the talented singing songwriter and musician from Illinois


ahead of his upcoming album // Starved Nights of Saturday Stars // due out
August 5th on the Jagjaguwar label, beginning with one of its tracks // When
Tammy Spoke to Martha //. If you like the idea of introspective lyrics that work
like an Irish shanty, he's for you. Easy to get caught up in his voice as you find
yourself longing for a wide open road and an old open topped car and nothing but
time and an endless supply of fuel, as we press PLAY on the old cassette player,
putting in his EP // Texas Girls and Jesus Christ // to play the title track and the
personally haunting rendition of // Pacing The Cage // in a eloquent collection
released March 25th, 2016. The guy's on tour. You can pre-order the album and
find out tour details here.

• nJoy •

:: TREVOR SENSOR :: When Tammy Spoke to Martha [Official MV] ::

:: TREVOR SENSOR :: Pacing The Cage [Official MV] ::

:: TREVOR SENSOR :: Texas Girls and Jesus Christ ::

[Image: Cover art for Trevor Sensor's 2016 Album Starved Nights of Saturday Stars]


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