A jazz themed throwback featuring the incredible voice of legendary American
jazz singer


On first hearing, you can be forgiven for thinking that you are listening to a
woman's voice. The quality of Scott to translate an emotion is undeniable. Within
the musical genres on offer, nothing is more emotive than jazz, blues, soul, but
few people can send shivers down the spine of your today. It is empathy on a silver
platter. It is art. It is life. I found a couple of interpretations of more popular songs
so that the talented vocals can stand as a testimony to an accomplished artist who
transcends the ordinary, starting with a song called // Nothing Compares 2 U //
first sung by Irish artist // Sinéad O'Connor // appearing on her 1990 album
// I Do Not Want What I haven't Got //, before fitting in a live session of // Time
after Time //. Not the Cindi Lauper version. This one was first recorded in 1946,
written by American musician and songwriter // Sammy Cahn //. In his own
words, Scott states that the lyrics have to tell a story, and this one does, so
passionately expressed. The final glimpse behind the curtain comes with the
song // Slave To Love // originally sung by // Bryan Ferry // appearing on his
1985 album // Boys and Girls //.


:: JIMMY SCOTT :: Nothing Compares 2 U ::

:: JIMMY SCOTT :: Time after Time ::

:: JIMMY SCOTT :: Slave To Love ::


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