Some Sunday cool down courtesy of Canadian electro music producer,
Meshach Gordon, who goes by the name

:: OBESØN ::

mixing some recent releases from three different projects, starting out
with the chillwave, phone calling, drowning in something one sided track
// Midnight Clock // forming part of his Hidden Files collection. All 3 tracks
are collaborative efforts or remixes of Atlanta alternative singer // BOSCO //.
Here, slowed to a crawl in comparison to the usual dance house vibe, as
he twists things down tempo in the remix of // MYNE //. The final track
dips its toes into witch house with a composition off his BOSCO 'BOY'
remix EP of the single // Seventh //.

• nJoy •

:: OBESØN :: Midnight Clock [ft. BOSCO] ::

:: BOSCO :: Myne [OBESØN rmx] ::

:: BOSCO :: Seventh [OBESØN rmx] ::

[Gif: Rotunda Graphic Source: Moving Still]


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