Checking out some recently released tracks that will feature on the new album
of UK techno industrial group


entitled // 25 25 // set for release on August 19 on DFA Records. First up,
the electro poppy single // Dial Me In // which is an excellent introduction
to their style, which is instrumental, in the main, with vocal tools brought in
as deemed necessary. It's a bit like walking in a pic n mix musical jungle run
by Willy Wonka, without the pop rocks. Next up is // Ya // which goes euro
techno in a Muzak way. Perhaps I'm being a little too hard on it, but the MV
suits their dead pan style, which finds them making tracks that are a little too
backing orientated than stand alone, but that might be because I personally
prefer music with more personality. For that reason, I am including // How
You Say // from their 2013 album // Factory Floor //. Not a lot of progressive
change, but it had hopeful potential.


:: FACTORY FLOOR :: Dial Me In [Official Audio] ::

:: FACTORY FLOOR :: Ya [Official MV] ::

:: FACTORY FLOOR :: How You Say [Official MV] ::

[Art: Up Gif Via Dot Room]


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