Presenting a musical visionary in the form of UK experimental composer and music


on the cusp of the July 29 release of the second Chatwin album // Heat & Entropy //.
Inspired by the writing of H.G. Wells, it is perhaps fitting that he uses the underwater
world of sea creatures to metaphorically allude to the fruition of an exploratory concept,
born out by the languid instrumental track // Euclidean Plane // that transports us through
uncharted familiar territory filled with peace and wonder. This new offering comes on the
back of the electronic guitar laden 2015 album // The Sleeper Awakes // which became an
experiment in sound, using various techniques to produce a melodic and haunting compo-
-sition that became a first step out of the shadows of his // Talvihorros // alias. To that end,
I include a couple of tracks from his 2010 album // Music in Four Movements // remastered
in 2012, namely // ...and then they walked into the sea // and // A Continual Echo Of The
Sound Of Loss (Part II) // to whet the appetite for his latest project that solidly builds on
a strong and highly acclaimed foundation.


:: BEN CHATWIN :: Euclidean Plane ::

:: TALVIHORROS :: Music in Four Movements [2 tracks] ::

[Artwork: Cover Art for Ben Chatwin's 2016 Heat & Entropy Album]


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