2 x TAN+EMOTION 타니모션

A couple of K-pop rock tracks with the bias on 'cute' from Korean crossover band

:: TAN+EMOTION 타니모션 ::

formed in 2010, with a penchant for playing diverse & traditional musical instruments
such as a Sang-hwang, and a Pi-ri. Most of the songs are written by band member
// YEON Li Mok // who also plays the keyboard and accordion. The MV reminds me
of a favorite toy that fell off the backpack of a Pokémon GO player and is earnestly
trying to reunite itself with its owner, in a track called // Road To Nowhere 어디로 가나 //
off the album // Whichung // released July 7th. To follow, a party in a park with the band
covering the 1967 hit by American group // The Doors // and the song // Light My Fire //
showing the diversity of this group who, by their own admission, want to use their
instruments to pull at the strings of their audiences emotions.

• nJoy •

:: TAN+EMOTION 타니모션 :: Road To Nowhere 어디로 가나 ::

:: TAN+EMOTION 타니모션 :: Light My Fire 커피한잔 ::

[TAN+EMOTION mini album cover art]

[Animated clip from TANEMOTION's single 'Road To Nowhere']


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