2 x NAO

Featuring a couple of MV's from British singing songwriter, Neo Jessica Joshua,
who goes by the stage name of

:: NAO ::

ahead of the July 29 release of her debut album // For All We Know // starting out
with the official MV for the electro pop track // Fool to Love //. If you remember
the highly creative black and white video to last year's Bad Blood, you will recognize
her singing style in this track with its easy listening, laid back tempo alongside a
seductive backing track. Leaving behind the premise that she was a fool to love,
things take a more soulful turn in // Girlfriend //. Both songs are off the album,
which, if these tracks are anything to go by, will be about relationships and love. Her
voice is sweet, her lyrics uncomplicated and to the point. So used to repetition, we'll
be able to sing along to these in no time. I'll include last year's // February 15 // EP in
the Xtra for those who want more. All in all, neo soul funk without the bitter. I think
I'm happy.

 • nJoy •

:: NAO :: Fool to Love [Official MV] ::

:: NAO :: Girlfriend ::


:: NAO :: February 15 EP ::

[Art: nao II by IANA]


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