It's easy to get lost in a sea of time as music fills in the gaps
with new electro raps and witch house waves to inspire the
heart towards something higher and new, but staying true to
their roots American art punk band


tie up today's gift with a bow at the timely release of their
latest album // Hit Reset // and a track called // I'm Done //
listed number 2 on the playlist. It's all about internet trolls,
or so it is said to be, but I confess to applying a totally
different meaning. The way we socialize online, it's
synonymous with 'frenemy' in the throwaway, easy come,
easy go nature of our connections. Enjoying the cutesy style
packed with humor, the lead single kind of extends the premise
that not all's well in la la land in // I Decide // that sees Waxahat-
chee's // Katie Crutchfield // street walking whilst plugged into
the sound of one heart's white noise, in a collaboration with the
band. I don't think there's a risk in buying the CD as singer
songwriter // Kathleen Hanna // brings an impressive A game
to a poetic rant about society and life that is more mumbled to
one's self whilst doing housework than shouted from the top of
a double decker bus full of sight-seeing tourists, just so you can
claim that you reached out to the rest of the world. Far better to join
a band and make some music. Album is out NOW!!! Available at
selected retailers near you, or here, if you're lazy.


:: THE JULIE RUIN :: I'm Done [Official MV] ::

:: THE JULIE RUIN :: I Decide ft. Katie Crutchfield [Lyric MV] ::

[Artwork: The Julie Ruin Fillmore Gig Poster 2015]


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