Something avant-garde from Norwegian singing songwriter, musician, and composer


that will feature on her new album // Blood Bitch // due out in a couple of months time,
on September 30th, as we start with the conservatively creepy // Female Vampire // with
its meditative background heartbeat and gentle cherubic vocals at odds with the video.
Anyone familiar with paint on/peel off face masks won't bat an eyelid. Not one for the
Goths who will quickly discover that the title is pure search and browse manipulation,
but look at it this way, it's SFW. Her style is experimental folk combined with a leaning
towards art pop, with creative videos that extend the lyrical translation, as can be further
appreciated in last year's // Sabbath // from the album // Apocalypse, girl //. I have to say
that I appreciated the surrealism.

• nJoy •

:: JENNY HVAL :: Female Vampire [Official MV] ::

:: JENNY HVAL :: Sabbath [Official MV] ::

[Art: jenny hval by IANA]


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