2 x BEARX [베어엑스]

Taking a look at a couple of recently released singles from 4 piece Korean indie rock band

:: BEARX ::

as they head towards the completion of their first album. Not much to find out about them
since they are that new, therefore worth promoting. Their style is lonely hearts club with a
gentle rhythm working like a lazy hand pinging off iron railings. It's kinda nice. Starting out
with the track // Maiden // that sets the scene, before we drive through bokeh balloons at
midnight, always a winner, in // Falling Star // with a slight shoe gazing edge that's a little
catchy. All in all, not bad. Given their mascot, I should have said more than bearable, and
definitely a group to watch out for.


:: BEARX [베어엑스] :: Maiden ::

:: BEARX [베어엑스] :: Falling Star ::

[Gif: Clip from BEARX Maiden MV]


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