Setting the scene for a serene Sunday that sends the sound of some
chilled future trap through the ears of your mind courtesy of young
Californian music producer


starting out with // Absence // that opens the door onto a talent that
blends electronica with trap in a way that makes us consider that they
were never apart, before heading further into the genre with // Deluded //.
Can't help thinking that there's enough here to start an album as he builds
up an impressive collection of already released tracks as we conclude with
the oriental flavored // Indefinite // with a witch house vibe. It's music you
hear floating towards you through an open window. Do you dare knock on
a strangers door? Today, no need. Check out his SoundCloud page and note
the free 2 hours of music download featuring Liquid Ritual with Moonbaby
& Pope


:: HARUKASUKA :: Absence ::

:: HARUKASUKA :: Deluded ::

:: HARUKASUKA :: Indefinite ::

[Animated art source: J McKeehen]


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