Something a little different in a third solo project from


the guitarist for American rock band // The Fresh & Only's //. It's kind
of Irish folk meets pop rock, sounding like a cross between Kevin
Rowland of Dexy's Midnight Runner's, and The Pogues, Shane
MacGowan. A bit of an old comparison, but really, is music being
recycled? Has the listening public been split into two camps that are
being catered for in a modern revival of decades old styles? The beauty
of this premise is that, whilst the tracks are new, the recipe has already
been tried and tested, as can be appreciated in the lead single from his
upcoming album // Call By Night // of the Dublin-sounding // Divided in
Two // before moving into the back room of a closed doors session with
a melancholic lyrical transition that is as acceptable as having lager on
permanent tap in // Summer Rains //. I can recommend. Next round is
on you.


:: WYMOND MILES :: Divided in Two [Official Audio] ::

:: WYMOND MILES :: Summer Rains [Official Audio] ::

[Artwork: wymond miles by IANA]


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