...a couple of alternative influences collected under the banner of #throwbackthursday,
starting out with British punk rock band


...formed way back in 1976, comprising of members // Adrian Wyatt, Dave Birch,
Gary Tibbs, Jon Edwards, John Ellis, Knox, Pat Collier & Phil Ram // ...don't get
excited by the album cover as my pick is the original version of the track // Baby
Baby // from their debut 1977 album // Pure Mania //a single that went on to be
covered by R.E.M. in 1991 ...the album itself is listed as one of the top 50 best
punk albums of all time by "The Guinness Encyclopedia of Popular Music", which
doesn't reflect the relatively short-lived chart success of a group that came to be
known as one-hit-wonders for their single // Automatic Lover // whilst the last track
the band released on the Epic label // Judy Says (Knock You In The Head) // was
named as UK music magazine "Mojo's" best punk rock single of all time ...perhaps
a bit of a stretch, but it reflects the high regard the band continues to be held in ...how
to follow but with a modern group that is influenced by past sounds, American
indie pop band


...and the northern soul sounding single // This Head I Hold // off their 2012 debut
album // Mondo // ...the band got their name from a memory when one of them was
called "an electric guest of the universe" ...ah...the power of words ...all together, a
slick ensemble


:: THE VIBRATORS :: Baby Baby [Original Version] ::

:: ELECTRIC GUEST :: This Head I Hold ::


:: LONDON BOYS :: Cover of 'London Girls' by The Vibrators ::

[Artwork: The Vibrators CD cover art French Lessons With Correction]


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