With her new album // Take Her Up To Monto // due out July 8, perhaps
time to check out what former singing frontwoman from UK electronica
duo // Moloko // namely


is up to as she releases an official MV for the experimental pop track
// Ten Miles High //. Does the video help sell the single? I am unsure but
I enjoyed the insertion of a Grace Jones sound-alike-y insert somewhere
around the 4 minute mark. It will not provide die hard fans, who have
grown up with Roisin's style, a challenge. They will merge seamlessly
with her performance that reveals a lack of daring and moving with the
times, but that is perhaps what is required when you believe in your brand.
Since this is the only taster from her new album, I'm including a live set
from the 2015 Electronic Beats Festival held in Cologne.


:: ROISIN MURPHY :: Ten Miles High ::

:: ROISIN MURPHY :: Electronic Beats Festival LIVE SET 2015 ::

[Artwork: roisin murphy II digital graffiti by IANA]


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