...a couple of tracks from Canadian musician, singer, & songwriter
// Spencer Krug // a.k.a "Moonface" and his collaboration with a
Finnish rock band to publish under the name


...heralding the announcement of his new album // My Best Human
Face: // due out June 3, so titled after one of his favorite lines on the
album, and because of his personal identity confusion around who he
is and how happy he is in relation to other people ...it is about authenticity,
and recognizing our personal glitches ...track list is as follows:

My Best Human Face:

01 The Nightclub Artiste
02 Risto’s Riff
03 Them Call Themselves Old Punks
04 Ugly Flower Pretty Vase
05 City Wrecker
06 Prairie Boy
07 The Queen Of Both Darkness And Light

...starting out with // Them Call Themselves Old Punks // that leads us
in under the streetlight of a deserted awareness that concentrates us on
the song's lyrics, setting us up for an introspection that accepts the comparative
madness of Track 2 // Risto's Riff // ...we've all stared at the moon until it's
nothing but a rock in the sky ...it's okay to admit such things ...right?


:: MOONFACE AND SIINAI :: Them Call Themselves Old Punks ::

:: MOONFACE AND SIINAI :: Risto's Riff ::

[Artwork: Spencer Krug by IANA]


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