Taking a look at New York indie rocker

:: MITSKI ::

with a recently released track // Your Best American Girl //
off her future album // Puberty 2 // set for release June 17.
The video matches the music. How about that for a concept,
but, I'm not done. It's a slow boring burn that builds to an
under the sheets action. Personally, I'm a sucker for flowers,
but what's with all the seat metaphors? [Looks around...Oh...]
Fans of sad but hopeful will love this cherry of a delight's bitter
sweetness. I went looking for some // Happy // via the next
track. Not helpful, but I am totally, kind of almost, okay with
it. Summation: nice, pleasant, didn't hate.


:: MITSKI :: Your Best American Girl [Official MV] ::

:: MITSKI :: Happy [Official MV] ::


:: MITSKI :: Townie [Official MV off the 2014 album // Bury Me At Makeout Creek//] ::

[Artwork: mitski by IANA]


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