...a couple of tracks from Spanish alternative dance band


...made up of vocalist & musician // Ekhi Lopetegi // guitarist
// Tomas Palomo // keyboard player // Unai Lazcano // and
drummer // Igor Escudeo // who named their band after the
last teddy bear on the right of the spare bunk in their tour bus
...not buying it? ...okay, it is what you think it is, and why not?
...music is a time machine that is currently counting down
towards the June 22nd release of their album entitled // Muzik //
so why not play the title track to find out what they are about
...listing punk as one of their influences, I just don't find any
trace in what is a very backwards looking pop track ...perhaps
their muse is tape deck discovered in the player of a DMC-12
...I am more interested in the second glimpse of the track
// Contra // ...it is pleasing but I can't help but think that fans
of older soft rock bands will find an appeal in these pages from
yesterday's diary ...it is background music to do the ironing
by, but only if you are stuck in a stranger's house with a
$10 radio


:: DELOREAN :: Muzik ::

:: DELOREAN :: Contra ::

[Artwork: delorean by IANA]


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