4 x △SCO△

...4 tracks of dark ambient featuring the growing genre of witch house
courtesy of Russian music sensei

:: △SCO△ ::

...picking out a couple of tracks from his digi-album // Enter the unknown //
released May 12, and his prior EP // FUCKING WITCH HOUSE // that came
out on April 1, starting with the title track // Enter the unknown // with its future
underwater vibe as we follow the bubbles further down to the deep ambient
trapping // Hunting ground in your mind // and the oriental flavored chill session
...is it a coincidence that the MV's are surreal, but do I care, as we enter another
phase ramped up in the witch hop track // s k y l i n e // finishing out the set with
a selection from the EP & the eerie glitched track // D.O.P.E. // ...the diversity
of his talent is undeniable ...it's music to graffiti your life by


:: △SCO△ :: Enter the unknown ::

:: △SCO△ :: Hunting ground in your mind ::

:: △SCO△ :: s k y l i n e ::

:: △SCO△ :: D.O.P.E. ::


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