...celebrating New Zealand synth pop group


...& the release of their first album // Yoncalla // OUT TODAY
through sampling a couple of its tracks, starting out with
// Keep It Close To Me // ...where is the synth? ...their sound is
some kind of sixties survival with indie pop soft focus, but who's
counting? ...it is pleasant ...I almost feel happy as I find refuge in
// Barricade (Matter of Fact) // with its pleasant beat which weaves
its way too easily into my mind, but not before I find myself
questioning if I am listening to an art form of elevator MUZAK?
...I'm pretending they're Norwegian, which would explain more
as I include // Second Wave // from their EP // Collection // that
came out last year ...seriously, though, I liked & wish them well


:: YUMI ZOUMA :: Keep It Close To Me ::

:: YUMI ZOUMA :: Barricade (Matter of Fact) ::

:: YUMI ZOUMA :: Second Wave [Official MV] ::

[Artwork: yumi zouma by IANA]


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