3 x PIC 'N' MIX

...east meets west with a summer flavor united by a party at the beach,
beginning with the American brotherly hip hop trapped out duo


...composed of Khalif "Swae Lee" & Aaquil "Slim Jimmi" Brown, and their
single // By Chance // off their upcoming album // SremmLife 2 // with an
expected release date of June 24 ...puff's up ...it works so well, mellow, rich,
led into the party by a tuxedo piano player, the lyrics are phone speak, the
drop infectious ...I can't say enough about this composition ...so, how to
follow but to add some sweetness to the iced tea with the addition of South
Korean girl group

:: AOA ::

...and the title track off their new EP // Good Luck // ...fans of Baywatch will
find something familiar in the official MV as the girls run gently along the
shore looking vaguely concerned ...are we safe? ...let's hope we're lucky, lucky,
as the lyrics repeat in this soft pop track that benefits from being listened to
while watching the video ...who couldn't appreciate the fresh positive
outlook? ...I'm off to re-toxify my attitude with // GREYS: Blown Out //


:: RAE SREMMURD :: By Chance [Explicit] ::

:: AOA 에이오에이 :: Good Luck ::


:: GREYS :: Blown Out [Official MV] ::

[Gif: Rae Sremmurd: By Chance]


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