...a triple dip into American singer, songwriter, artist, & musician


...ahead of the May 20 release of her 7th studio album // Strangers //
starting out with the Victoriana Pollyanna come play in the garden
of my soul single // All the Colors of the Dark // ...fans will be pleased
that she tastes the same, despite pleading that she's not in her untwitching
facial expression as we read pages from her personal diary ...at least, her
songs seem that way to me as we head towards the twinkle on snow opening
to the haunting // Katie I Know // as she takes us deeper into her past, and
ours ...we've all had a back yard and pictures on our wall, before she faces
another day, another wall in the upbeat // Janie in Love // ...ignore the lyrics
of the natural disaster ...all the colors of her dark leave their mark ...we are
thankful that they do


:: MARISSA NADLER :: All the Colors of the Dark [Official MV] ::

:: MARISSA NADLER :: Katie I Know [Official Audio] ::

:: MARISSA NADLER :: Janie in Love [Official Audio] ::


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