...checking out a couple of releases from alternative metal band


...made up of Chino (I see music as color) Moreno, Sergio Vega,
Frank Delgado, Stephen Carpenter, & Abe Cunningham, beginning
with the official MV for the track // Prayers/Triangles // from their
latest album // Gore // ...it's all about the lyrics combined with garage
rock that is nicer than the implications, but they are gentle with it to the
point that I am thankful for the alt moniker that abandons long hair and
cat suits to the indie Savior ...it is easy to appreciate the talent that seems
to belong to us, at some point, as backdrops to an emotional state we
normally keep quiet resonate ...I still get pub jukebox as I press play on
// Phantom Bride // ...no // Doomed User // ...oh, I don't know ...okay,
I'll post both ...they finally found their metal towards the end ...all tracks
are from the album ...listen loud ...ear drums are over-rated


:: DEFTONES :: Prayers/Triangles [Official MV] ::

:: DEFTONES :: Phantom Bride [Feat. Jerry Cantrell] ::

:: DEFTONES :: Doomed User [Official Audio] ::

[Austin gig poster by Jermaine Rogers]


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