...taking a peek at American experimental pop duo


...as they gear up for the release of their album // Still Life // ...the duo are made
up of vocalist and instrumentalist // Malati Malay // & // Isaac Emmanuel // who
together create a sound that borrows from various genres that include soul,
electronica, dream pop, and alternative, sampled from around the globe ...the
latest offering to the innovative singles already aired is the experimental // Default
Memory // replete with a percussion feel that sets it apart from its contemporaries,
perhaps influenced by Bolivia-born percussionist // Daniel Alejandro Siles
Mendoza // who joins the duo when on tour ...Malay's voice becomes an
instrument as the air reverberates with sound, softly echoing off invisible walls
...each track has its own personality ...listen with intrigue ...all 3 are from the
upcoming album due out May 13


:: YOUNG MAGIC :: Default Memory [Official Audio] ::

:: YOUNG MAGIC :: Valhalla [Reprise] x Vinyl Williams [Official MV] ::

:: YOUNG MAGIC :: Lucien [Official MV] ::

[Gif: N A D R I E N T]


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