...add summer ...add the UK's Mad Hatter


...& let's pop the cork on the ketchup and have a pool party
...it's an English tradition to have your very own bottle flown
in by helicopter, or as a plot device to show off your new toy,
in the track // Seven Days In Sunny June // off his 2005 album
// Dynamite // ...silly is the theme of the day, with a mellow vibe
and meaningful lyrics, particularly if you are the friend he's
talking about, before we go for a bike ride through Spain on a
Harley Davidson in the reflective soft rock single // Blue Skies //
from the 2010 album // Rock Dust Light Star // ...if envious, throw
a barbecue at the weekend ...it's the cheaper of the two options


:: JAMIROQUAI :: Seven Days In Sunny June ::

:: JAMIROQUAI :: Blue Skies ::


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