...the theme is love ...the stage is varied ...inside we take ourselves everywhere
without going anywhere, and still manage to make a mess of it all ...ignore the
positive direction in these MV's as we start out in Paris, setting the scene for
yesterday romance sung by delusional singers


...as Sweden meets the French Caribbean, or summer meets winter, if you prefer
the analogy, in a track entitled // All I Really Want Is Love // from Lisa's 2001
album // Sings Salvadore Poe // ...the MV serves as an introduction to the artwork
of Japanese artist // Tadahiro Uesugi // who was one of the lead concept artists on
the 2009 animated fantasy film // Coraline // directed by Henry Selick, but don't get
too comfortable as we move to Denmark & Karen Marie Aagaard Ørsted Andersen,
who sensibly goes by the stage name of

:: MØ ::

...and the single // Slow Love // off her 2014 album // No Mythologies to Follow //
...the video is as interesting as the song, with clips from Soul Train, and various other
parts I am too lazy to research, but it works ...when love lets you down, there's always
music...and taco bell


:: LISA EKDAHL & HENRI SALVADOR :: All I Really Want Is Love ::

:: MØ :: Slow Love ::


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