2 x NICKV.

...introducing a young music producer from California who goes by the name

:: NICKV. ::

...as we start out with the tangy 3 day old premier of the track // Pickles and
Chicken // that features the vocals of rapper // Tc3re // ...you can be forgiven
for asking yourself the question: "What am I listening to?" as the blend of
operatic classical meets hip hop, not at the back behind the pillars in the cheap
seats, but right up front and center stage ...forget the lyrics, for a moment ...let
the voice sound like a percussion instrument and experience this as pure rhythm
and gravy ...it makes a statement I liked as I turn over to sample // untitled //
released a few months ago ...that moment when the beach is at its hottest and
the light shimmers, dancing with the heat in the distance ...I'm sold


:: NICKV. :: Pickles and Chicken [Feat. TC3re] ::

:: NICKV. :: untitled ::

[Gif by FAROx]


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