2 x JESSICA [제시카]

...taking a look at the latest releases from K-pop princess, singer, songwriter,
and fashion designer // Jessica Sooyoun Jung // who goes by the stage name

:: JESSICA 제시카 ::

...through a couple of projects that center around the release of her first
mini-album // With Love, J // that came out May 17th, starting out with its
debut track // Fly // featuring American hip hop artist, John David Jackson,
better known as // Fabolous // gaining a little under 4 million YouTube views
within the first 24 hours of its release, it is already a success ...why not take
advantage of a generous posting and share the album itself? ...track list is
as follows:

01.  Fly [feat. Fabolous]
02.  Big Mini World
03.  Falling Crazy In Love
04.  Love Me The Same
05.  Golden Sky
06.  Dear Diary


:: JESSICA 제시카 :: Fly [feat. FABOLOUS] ::

:: JESSICA 제시카 :: With Love, J [Mini Album] ::


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