...a couple of electro RnB tracks from writer, accountant, & music producer


...starting out with the recent release of the jazzed up on caffeine shots track called
// filtered // ...it's mid-afternoon ...there's no-one else around ...you can like this
...no-one else will know, as we dip our heads back into the pulse to appreciate
his EP // 7pm & Chinatown // released a few months back ...you'll like or you won't
...the influences bleed into hip hop the way macchiato clouds of frothed up milk
slowly release the bitter ...it's his fault ...he has a take out cup as his design for the
first track ...I'm not ready to take responsibility for my own actions


:: DYLAN.JK.VOGT :: filtered ::

:: DYLAN.JK.VOGT :: 7pm & Chinatown EP ::


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