...setting our sights on the British alt pop duo

:: CAT'S EYES ::

...made up of vocalist // Faris Badwan // and Italian-Canadian musician,
composer, and soprano // Rachel Zeffira // ahead of the June 3rd release of
the group's second studio album // Treasure House // starting out with the
negatively positive message of it's third track // Chameleon Queen // working
the same way as an "I wish you an unhappy birthday" card ...it is enjoyable
to follow the flashing words through the deserted streets of a Canadian town
in the early hours of the morning, particularly when not accompanied by sirens,
which may be needed as we follow the conclusion of the MV to the album's
second single // Drag // ...it doesn't end well ...there was no accompanying
disclaimer ...I presume they're both dead now ...you can sample/pre-order here


:: CAT'S EYES :: Chameleon Queen [Lyric Vid] ::

:: CAT'S EYES :: Drag [Official MV] ::

[Gif Source: black-and-white-gifs]


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