...taking a look at a couple of tracks destined to be part of the new album 
// Double Vanity // from Oklahoma garage rock band


...starting out with the mellow alternative punk sound of // Fantasy Boys //
released last month, that rolls around your awareness like warm lager swirled
in a pint glass ...very pleasant and strangely addictive, like green carpet at the
point that it reminds you of grass ...it's been a couple of years since their last
offering but they are consistent, as evidenced by the single // NC-17 // off their
previous album // Just Enough Hip to Be Woman // released in 2014 that I will
include for comparison ...what can I say? ...they are pleasantly morish ...their
new album is due out May 27


:: BRONCHO :: Fantasy Boys [Official MV] ::

:: BRONCHO :: NC-17 [Official MV] ::


:: BRONCHO :: Just Enough Hip To Be A Woman [Full Album] ::


0:00    What
2:16    Class Historian
5:48    Deena
7:54    Stay Loose
10:35  NC - 17
13:14  I'm Gonna Find Out Where He's At
16:57  Stop Tricking
19:13  Taj Mahal
21:56  It's On
24:31  Kurt
27:35  China


[Artwork: Album Cover: Broncho's "Just Enough Hip To Be A Woman"]


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