...a couple of tracks glued together by the alt rock band

:: THE 1975 ::

...hailing from Cheshire, comprising of Matthew Healy, Adam Hann,
Ross MacDonald, & George Daniel ...the guys are on a winning streak,
but I am inspired by the MV for their latest release // A Change Of Heart //
off their new album with the sentence // I like it when you sleep, for you
are so beautiful yet so unaware of it // as the title ...theme is: boy meets girl
...they ride around a bit, as you do...then, when the lights burn out, one by
one...and the circus rides recede further into the background, it's time out
...don't wallow here for I have a remix to set things straight or awry as you
listen to the groups rework of New Zealand indie electro band


...track entitled // The Mess // off the album // The Rolling Waves // featuring
the vocals of The Naked and Famous's singer // Alisa Xayalith // along with
// Thom Powers // came out a couple of years ago, but I prefer it to the other
pop rock sounding tracks The 1975 are more used to producing, along with the
diluted feel of INXS wannabees ...I like their diversions that reveal their more
complex musical personalities


:: THE 1975 :: A Change Of Heart ::

:: THE 1975 :: RmX of THE NAKED AND FAMOUS :: The Mess ::


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