...taking a look at a new musical genre doing the rounds given the name
#wave through 5 tracks from one of its originators, London-based music
producer // Jude Kaufman // who goes by the name


...with tracks from his debut LP // Deluge // out via TrapDoor ...the sound
is ambient trap best appreciated the way baristas make macchiato froth on
top of 3 sip espressos, served not in large plastic take out cups, but in tiny
plain white china ones, complete with saucer [a flat disc with an indent]
...it is musical aestheticism best sampled individually and not expected to
follow meekly on from one track to the other with any discernible rhythm
...it is kind of spiritual on acid with atmosphere, at times containing melodic
voices that haunt the space between our left and right hemispheres ...I like,
if only because it presses 'pause' on having to make sense of lyrics within
the distracting wonderment of a bass beat


:: KAREFUL :: Deluge Sample [5 Tracks] ::


:: THE ARCHIVE :: Interview with KAREFUL ::

[Gif: J McKeehen]


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