...a couple of tracks plus some meat in the sandwich as an introduction to
German-born, LA-based singing songwriter


...starting out with her latest single // Sally // that reveals a street wise,
gritty personality that, despite her youthful appearance, has already worked
with the likes of Usher on the track // Chains // & written songs for
noticeable artists such as // Rihanna // no less ...her style is hip pop with
a bang that produces the same kind of disturbance in the force that would
emanate from American soul rapping Lauryn Hill, back in the day, combined
with the recent political and social posturing of her fem idol // Beyonce // ...in
the short interview, she says she doesn't get asked out on dates ...fill in the blanks
...the second track is a cover of American hip hop artist Future's // Trap Niggas //
...she is speaking to us all ...wiggle wiggle in the ghetto ...giggle giggle ...I like
the sound of quiet quiet ...any resemblance to real lyrics, living or dead, is
purely accidental


:: BIBI BOURELLY :: Sally [Official MV] ::

:: BIBI BOURELLY :: Interview with RAPID FIRE ::

:: BIBI BOURELLY :: Cover of FUTURE'S Trap Niggas ::


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