...mixing the old with the new as we start out with a track from American
singing songwriter


...and // Hey Love // off his 1966 album // Down to Earth // also covered by
soul singer // Bettye LaVette // a year later, note the name change as  I tag her
version on at the end for those interested, that leads nicely into a recent
release from American singing songwriting producer // Bilal Sayeed Oliver //
who goes by the stage name

:: BILAL ::

...and the single // I Really Don't Care // from his 4th studio album
// In Another Life // pairing so well with Wonder's smooth soul vibe that is
enhanced by the addition of a sultry jazz feel in a video directed by Hans Elder
that has so much green it's like we are viewing the scene through a moss covered
lens, so apropos given the lyrical direction and the melancholic induced acting
that makes us root for him and for us ...tomorrow is another day ...fish in the sea


:: STEVIE WONDER :: Hey Love [1968] ::

:: BILAL :: I Really Don't Care ::


:: BETTY LAVETTE :: Hey Love [wmv] ::


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