2 x R.A.B.B.I.I.

...a couple of tracks from Swedish experimental duo

:: R.A.B.B.I.I. ::

...namely // Johanna Berglund // & // Felix Persson // both former members
of the pop band // Le Kid // ...pop is the prime influence here as it blends with
an electronic vibe that leaves a morish tang on the tongue likely to please more
main stream listeners whilst paving the way for greater inclusion through blurring
the lines between genres that attracts a wider audience as we start out with the
official MV for the track // Chameleon // that fills an 8 month gap between releases
of their last single // Hang Us High // complete with it's stop motion video, as the
body becomes the canvas for an art improvisation ...no signs yet of an upcoming
EP, but they are heading in the right direction


:: R.A.B.B.I.I. :: Chameleon [Official MV] ::

:: R.A.B.B.I.I. :: Hang Us High [Official MV] ::


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